About Us

The Cardozo family ventured into the Hostelry business in 1996, with the launch of the PRETTY PETALS GUEST HOUSE and SUNSET BEACH RESORT, both seaside properties located at CANDOLIM. From the very first year of operations, the Cardozo family were in a strategic alliance with INSPIRATION HOLIDAY HOMES, the British charter company. The enterprise has flourished and both the properties have a high occupancy rate with frequent repeat guests. This is a truly "family-run" venture with papa Tony and daughter Mable managing the SUNSET BEACH RESORT, while mama Jessica and daughter Maria look after PRETTY PETALS GUEST HOUSE. The family also owns SANTA LUCIA, the Swiss-managed ITALIAN specialty restaurant at Candolim. The picture on our front-page is that of our grandson and Maria's little son, Russel.


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